Saturday, September 13, 2008

(don't you put me on the back-burner)

& I'm trying to tidy my room. I've said this every other day since I moved into this apartment (almost a year ago). It's at that stage - you know the one - worse before it gets better? I may never get out of this mess alive.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Harold Pinter and Cheese

& I am such a bad, bad blogger and I can only apologise. Every time I post, I solemnly swear that I'll do better next time and then next time is about three months later. (Hyperbole for the complete and utter win!)

& Anyway, last Monday, I went to see No Man's Land, the production of Harold Pinter's play currently running at the Gate Theatre, starring Michael Gambon, David Bradley, Nick Dunning and David Walliams. Audiences at the Gate Theatre always seem as though they should be jam-packed full of famous faces (indeed, at a play last year, Nick Dunning was in the audience and, afterwards, updated us on the Arsenal result that evening). Last Monday, Matt Lucas was present, which was an excitement all of its own. But back to the play. The acting was superb. Obviously, Michael Gambon, as all the reviews stated, was marvellous. I have to say though, that I was blown away by David Bradley. It's a very sinister play (yes, yes, I know. Pinter) in places but quite light-hearted in the second act (and I was informed that it smacks of Beckett by people who know about this kind of thing).

& Cheese. In a recent comment from my cousin, I started wondering about the true definition of cheese. In my opinion, cheese is very earnest music, with big hair and fluorescent pink leg-warmers, and, preferably, pre-dates the 90s (although I will allow that the 90s did offer us some cheese). It should be most ideally experienced by singing along (into a hairbrush). Examples of 'my' definition of cheese include: I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (The Cutting Crew), If You Leave Me Now (Chicago), Alone (Heart) and so on and so forth. Opinions?